We only provide dedicated bookkeeping, payroll and accounts reports services. This means that you get a bookkeeping specialist working along side you in your business or charity.

What we do:

It is essential for any business or charity organisation to maintain accurate financial records of all income and expenses, this is the basis of Bookkeeping. Due to our flexibile solutions we can offer a service which is individual to your business needs.  We can undertake all of the services listed below, or just the services that you require help with, in-house or off-site as often as required:

  • Allocation of Sales invoices into Bookkeeping software
  • Allocation of Customer Receipts into Bookkeeping software
  • Processing Supplier/Purchase Invoices into Bookkeeping software
  • Debtors & Creditors listings into Bookkeeping software
  • Bank Reconciliation’s into Bookkeeping software
  • Petty Cash Reconciliation into Bookkeeping software
  • Company Credit Card transactions and Reconciliation’s into Bookkeeping software
  • Create VAT Returns Reports from Bookkeeping software
  • Create Management Account Reports from Bookkeeping software. One of the benefits of employing a bookkeeper on a regular basis is that your financial records are in order and up to date. This means that we can provide a range of meaningful, relevant and accurate reports which can be used to identify business trends and help with decision making. We can provide the following management accounts to suit your needs:
    • Cash flow forecasts and Budget Reports
    • Profit & Loss statements
    • Balance Sheet
    • Debtor & Creditor listings
    • Bespoke reports can also be catered for

    In addition we will fully explain the reports to you in plain English simple terms face to face or our a phone/video call.

  • We can act as your agent with companies house and help you file your completed accounts from your nominated accountant to UK Companies House. We can also help you complete your annual update with UK Companies House.
  • We provide Payroll services.

We can also help you with one-off projects; so feel free to contact us.

What we don’t do:

We don’t provide Chartered accountancy services. You will need to hire a specialist chartered accountant before you submit your corporation and self-assessment tax return to HMRC.

We don’t act as your agent with HMRC.

We don’t do your Self Assesment with HMRC

We don’t do company formation, however, there are many affordable company formation service providers you can find on Google.

We don’t do marketing for your business or charity.

We don’t give financial or investment advice (We are not registered with the FCA).

We don’t give asset management advice

We don’t give business advice on your business.

We don’t work at the last minute when your tax deadlines are within few weeks away. We believe bookkeeping is a daily activity and you should have hired us earlier so we both could get enough time to get all the accounts reports ready for the tax year for your accountant,in all honesty. However, if you are struggling with your bookkeeping then give us a call and we can certainly help you out.


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