How We Work

When we engage with you, we will send you an engagement letter, after you have agreed to the terms of engagement and we have received a signed copy of the engagement letter, we will begin to start work on your bookkeeping project.

Welcome to the 21st Century. Technology has opened up a world of possibilities for remote services. We don’t need to be in your office to look over your books. Instead, the work is performed remotely using a cloud-based software. We can view real-time information about your financial transactions, and work on financial reports and reconciliation from any location.

You can also tap into these online resources from anywhere. Even if you are gone on a business trip or out of the country for vacation, you will have ongoing access to the most current numbers for your company. This information can be accessed on your computer from anywhere in the world!

Don’t worry about security, because we always use secure methods when accessing your financial records. The cloud-based software is protected, offering a safe place to store your information.

We use the following THREE STAGE cyclical bookkeeping process with all our clients:

STAGE 1: You can share documents with us and communicate with us using the following very easy to use technologies…

  1. Google Photos App with Google Photo Scan App using a smartphone. Google Photos offers truly unlimited backup of all the photos (and videos) you take. Every single one. For free. The caveat: images must be less than 16 megapixels to qualify for the unlimited storage. You can upload larger images, but Google converts them on the fly to 16 megapixels (and downgrades video shot above 1080p), with your permission. Since even the highest end iPhone/Samsung phone today has a 12MP camera, you’re not losing any quality at all most of the time. We can show you how you can install these two apps on your smart phone or tablet and then simply scan your invoices and bank statements before filling them as you would normally do. The apps will scan and automatically sync the photos of documents into a securely shared cloud based photo album between you and us.
  2. You can email us scanned images of paper statements and invoices to
  3. You can post us the paper invoices and statements by Royal Mail recorded delivery or by using a trackable courier of your choice to our postal address you will see in our engagement letter or invoice. Note here that you will be charged additional costs for return postage for us to return you your documents.
  4. You can either purchase your own subscription for the cloud based bookkeeping software or we can take out a new subscription on your behalf and invoice you for it. For all subscription costs, the invoice must be paid first before we proceed to purchase the cloud based software subscription on your behalf. Once the subscription is taken our Parish Accounts Ltd is responsible for the security of the data so you as a client will be locked out this is so we can ensure that no one logs into your account except for us.

Stage 2: We punch in the data into the bookkeeping software and we charge you an hourly rate agreed with you in advance.

  1. We can use a number of different softwares.
  2. During this stage of the bookkeeping process, you must make sure you are availble to contact by whats app or phone in case we have specific questions.

Stage 3: We publish your monthly account reports for you and your accountant.

  1. We can email you the report in PDF format.
  2. Post it to you by tracked delivery (at additional cost).
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