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To the untrained eye, bookkeepers and accountants perform the same function: they handle your business’s financials. The truth of the matter is that not all accountants are trained bookkeepers! Hiring a bookkeeping company to handle the records of your financial transactions is an important discussion with serious potential repercussions.

We love to hear about people wanting to start their own business or starting their own business.

Where a lot of other bookkeepers just work for accounting firms their whole lives, they haven’t actually run their own business for that long, our employees have run their own businesses and worked in a non-profit organisation and people appreciate that.

We have experience of VAT accounts bookkeeping and Self assessment bookkeeping in many different industries coupled with working with bookkeeping in a charity organisation using a number of various cloud based software. You will not find any if at all bookkeepers out there with that kind of experience.

We are familiar with business clients from start-ups to larger companies covering many sectors including

Professional services.
Educational Institutions.
Media Productions.
Property rental and development.
Religious Charities.
Information Technology.
Design and Marketing.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Depend On An Accountant For Bookkeeping

As you would already know, bookkeepers and accountants perform tasks that are completely different. While a bookkeeper manages a general ledger and the record of account transactions, while an accountant takes care of taxes. Bookkeepers can deduce vital information from the record of your business’ financial transactions that can eventually help you make essential financial decisions. You may think your accountant can do bookkeeping as well, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. If you want to know why, keep on reading!

Accountants Don’t Understand Your Business Like Bookkeepers

Generally, business owners get in touch with an accountant at the time of tax payment. It means, your accountant takes a look at your books only once a year. In such a short period, it is not possible to get a clear picture of the business and analyze what’s going on a daily basis. What he will generally do is get the required numbers to complete taxes. He may leave out all the essential information that you get from books during tax payment.

Accountants Overlook Little Things

Accountants are usually more worried about tax liability and how to make necessary changes to reduce that liability. On the other hand, a bookkeeper ensures to look out for every single penny in your accounts. While an accountant may not really focus on a penny here or there, a bookkeeper digs into details to keep track of everything going on in your accounts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Accountants Are Expensive; Bookkeepers are Skilled

You probably pay a lot to your accountant when he does your taxes. Imagine paying him every few days or weeks to do your books. A bookkeeper usually costs lesser than an accountant. Moreover, a professional bookkeeper does your books faster than an accountant.

When you are looking for a bookkeeper get in touch with us. Being an excellent bookkeeper in the UK, we offer on-site and remote services, work on project-basis, or perform tasks daily, weekly, and monthly.

Understanding the Differences between Accounting and Bookkeeping

There is no denying that bookkeepers and accountants share common goals but they play very different roles for the financial stability of a business. Both these functions are extremely crucial for maintaining stability in any organization and improving its strategic development. People who are new to the world of business often get confused between the two. Those who try to save money by hiring an accountant only for taking care of financial records end up doing more damage than good. If you are planning to start a new venture, here are a few differences between bookkeeping and accounting that you need to understand:-

Preparation of financial statements

Accountants are primarily responsible for keeping a track of the financial situation of a firm and discussing the future potential threats with the management. They also prepare several financial documents for this purpose. On the other hand, bookkeepers are only responsible for ensuring that the company’s financial transactions are organized in a systematic manner.

Playing a role in decision making

Professional bookkeeping services are concerned with identifying and recording of transactions. Their work does not provide advice towards the financial decisions made by the managers. However, advice from accountants prove to be of great help in the deciding critical things about business operations.

Type of records

An accountant plays a crucial role in analyzing the financial situation of a business and then compiling it in tax preparation. Their records are mainly annual company budgets and loan proposals. However, bookkeeping is primarily of two types- single and double entry. Both of them make it easy to understand the financial transactions of the firm.

Accounting begins when Bookkeeping is finished.

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